German Impressions – 3 weeks / 8 states: 1st stop – Münster

October 2012 I travelled with a friend in 3 weeks through 8 German states.  We did not set out to break any record.  It just happened that way.  We began in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen and finished in Wasserburg am Inn, Bayern.  In my blogs I plan to describe and show my impressions of towns we visited.

Our first stop was Münster in Nordrhein-Westfalen, considered to be the cultural centre of the region.


The first thing I noticed were the number of people on bikes and the number of bikes on the road.


They travel on cobble stone roads …


… in between building from the 17th century.  The St Lamberti church was built between 1375 and 1450, here seen from the Prinzipalmarkt.



The facade below is part of the Rathaus built in the 14th century.


However not all buildings are that old.



This beautiful castle built 1767 to 1787 is part of the university, extensively renovated after the war.


And to end the tour pictures taken in the Schlosspark.




Next stop: Kassel