German Impressions – 2nd stop – Kassel – part 2

In my earlier blog about Kassel I said that 90% of the town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.  You now find buildings from the 1950s side-by-side with building from the 19th century like the Elisabeth Hospital below.


The buildings below stand along Wilhelmshöher Allee which leads to the Wilhelmshöhe Castle.

_DSC2712 _DSC2711 _DSC2693 _DSC2695 _DSC2700 _DSC2718

The Orangerie, a palace built in 1710 as a summer residence for the landgraves



The ‘Kanzleigebäude’ below was built in the 16th century by Landgrave Wilhelm IV.



The above contrasts with the new buildings across the city

_DSC2530 _DSC2525 _DSC2714 _DSC2713 _DSC2565 _DSC2649

The Martinskirche – destroyed in 1943 and rebuilt 1954-60

_DSC2518     _DSC2515 _DSC2513

The Brüder Grimm Museum next to the New Gallery with two installations of the open air exhibition – ALLES UNTER DEM HIMMEL GEHÖRT ALLEN

_DSC2645 _DSC2646 _DSC2561


Lastly some more impressions of Kassel

_DSC2682      _DSC2521      _DSC2692






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