German Impressions – Weimar

Weimar’s records go back to the year 899.  1552 Weimar became the capital of the Duchy of ‘Sachsen-Weimar’. During the late 18th and early 19th century Weimar was an important cultural centre.  It was the home for Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Hummel, Liszt and Bach.  Richard Strauss work for 5 years as second conductor in the ‘Staatskapelle’ Weimar .


The town hall is located on one of the many squares of Weimar.  It was rebuilt in 1981 after it was burned down twice.

The ‘Stadthaus’ was rebuilt 1968-71 restoring the historic front in the style of the early renaissance.  In the back you can see the steeple which is part of the City Palace developed over more than 500 years construction work.


This steeple which is part of the city palace can be seen from almost everywhere.

_DSC2719 _DSC2787 _DSC2798

I just had to take pictures of the variety of facades.

_DSC2783 _DSC2779 _DSC2778

_DSC2737 _DSC2777 _DSC2799

Not every building has been restored

_DSC2739-1 _DSC2801

In the courtyard of the university you find this rather oversized chair next to the library.

_DSC2762  _DSC2767

It was Weimar’s first monument for a poet and was unveiled on Herder’s 16th birthday at the former pottery market in front of the City Church St. Peter and Paul (where Herder had worked). Johann Gottfried Herder, philosopher and theologian (1744-1803), was appointed to the position of General Superintendent of the churches in the Duchy of Saxony-Weimar upon Goethe’s recommendation in 1776


Goethe’s Garden House – Bought for Goethe by the Duke, the poet lived here until moving to the house on Frauenplan …

?????????????????? … and in the park graze the sheep … _DSC2791

… under the watchful eyes of this crumbling wall.


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