An afternoon in the City of Sydney

I had 4 hours between events in the city; no point taking the train back home.  So I took my camera along and wandered aimlessly through the city.  Leaving the busy city centre I came to the botanical gardens.  I could not help merging the city ladies with the aerial root system of one of the larger specimens in the gardens. I also found this rather different view of the Sydney Opera House.

I walked between skyscrapers and looked at reflections.

One of Sydney’s regular visitors, the Carnival Spirit was anchored at Circular Quay between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

By now it was time to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the exhibition by Anish Kapoor;  Sky Mirror, Untitled, C-Curve.  For more information about Anish Karpoor visit Artsy’s Anish Kapoor page.

A panel discussion completed the day.  Sorry, I recorded only the feet of the musician.  On the way to the train station I took some parting shots of the city.

Good Night!


4 thoughts on “An afternoon in the City of Sydney

  1. I love stories like this. real life, no photoshop, just raw as it is.
    Women and roots in the botanical garden are an exceptional good snapshot. It seems that everyone there is rooted in itself.


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