Biennale 2013 at Venice @ 1/8 per second

This year was my first ever visit to a Biennale in Venice.  I had only 3 days in Venice of which I spent 2 days at the Biennale.  I felt that 2 days were just enough to get an idea of the art on display.  I could have spent at least a week wandering between and looking at the pictures, sculptures and installations.

I did bring my camera but did not set out to take pictures of art on display.  I wanted to record the what happened in front of and how people interacted with / responded to the art.  I used a low shutter speed of 1/8 sec to record movement of people and/or art.

The area of the Biennale in Venice is massive and you have to keep moving if you want to see everything in 2 days, as I planned to.  This is what I saw.

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