Venice – Thoughts on Transport

Venice does not follow the usual pattern when it comes to transport.  In most of Venice there are no cars to help transport people and goods.  Local transport therefore requires nautical skills and/or physical strength.  Water ways at Venice are of different expanse.

You therefore find different size boats or ships moving people and goods; from the massive cruise liner, to the vaporetto, the water taxi, gondola  or private boat.

The local version of the tram or bus is the vaporetto.  It ferries people around the city and to nearby islands night and day.

Goods can be transported by boat only so far.

The final distance has to be covered with muscle strength.

No matter whether it’s parcels, mail, fruit and veggies, luggage or rubbish

And then there are happy occasions that also needing transport.



6 thoughts on “Venice – Thoughts on Transport

  1. Really well-done job! I love when people choose one aspect of the city and talk only about it. It’s much more interesting, specially when capturing great pictures as you did 😉 Congratulations!


  2. Charming story iluustrated with nice pictures catching very well the atmosphere. True Italian Ambiente


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