Sculptured Rock at a Sydney Beach

Between Mona Vale and Warriewood there is a rock formation right on the beach.  It’s impressive how the sea has sculptured the rock.  Here are some images I took with my phone today.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

PS: In case you see snow flakes on our screen, don’t worry, even with all the Climate Change it doesn’t snow at Christmas in Australia.

4 thoughts on “Sculptured Rock at a Sydney Beach

  1. Simply beautiful shots ~ especially like the second one. The beauty is they were taken with a camera phone, showing that a good photo is the result of the photographer (and not equipment). Cheers to a great ’16.


  2. Deine neue Landschaftsfotografie gefaellt mir. Zerklueftung und Formung, im metaphorischen Sinn auch eine Spiegelung des Wandels.

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


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