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From 10 May to 4 June 2016 I will be joining 3 photo artists of the Nebuli Arts group (Jan Glover, Maureen Rogers, Des Crawley) in an exhibition at the Lane Cove Gallery as part of the Head On Photo Festival 2016.

OPERTUS – concealed, obscure, hidden

In this exhibition the photographers discover and share the richness of shadows in the real world and also those of the imagined world.

Essentially, this is an exhibition celebrating the unique quality of the art of photography with its emphasis on the interplay between darkness and light. As the works will reveal, this light play can be: the raking shadows of landscape revealing form and patterns; the city world of shadows and pools of light highlighting the graphic patterns of life; the secret world of the shadows of the mind where imagination examines the concealed, the intuitive and sentimental dimensions of human behaviour with its follies, foibles and fancies – a world of dark secrets and profound joy that is to be found in the emotional landscapes we all possess.

Below some of the images I intend to include in the exhibition.


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