You are invited …

… to my upcoming exhibition

In this exhibition I focus on people in everyday situations. 
I present an abstract, objective view of people and their activities. 

Through this minimalistic approach, I aim to slow things down and provide time and space to let us interpret the images and to imagine what people were experiencing at the time the image was taken. 

The exhibition is from 12 – 23 Nov
Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 10am – 5pm
at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence St, Sydney

Due to the Corona-19 virus the Official Opening is scheduled for Sat, 14 Nov from 10am – 5pm however without food or drinks and the number of visitors will be limited.  To provide you with an alternative, I will …

  • be at the gallery on Thu, Sat and Tue from 1 – 3pm,
  • create a 3D virtual gallery view of my images,
  • record a video of my room at the gallery.

I will make details available on my Facebook and Instagram accounts and my Blog.  All images are for sale and I’m happy to provide more details on request.


3 thoughts on “You are invited …

  1. Congratulations Christoph and do hope it goes wonderfully well. Sorry we can’t get there yet!
    xx Helen


  2. A three D exhibition of exciting pictures. The set framework of the minimilastic art is exceptional.

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