Monochrome diaries

an urban narrative

An exhibition of photography by
John Bardell – Susan Buchanan – Christoph Mueller – Carolyn Pettigrew

 An interpretation of city scapes recorded by four experienced art photographers.
This exhibition invites the viewer to stop and respond to the details of the city that are lost in the everyday rush.



I am showing these and more images

October 18 – 29, 2017
at the Art Space on The Concourse
Chatswood, NSW, Australia.

It is a group exhibition by photographers from the Nebuli Arts group. 

Biennale 2013 at Venice @ 1/8 per second

This year was my first ever visit to a Biennale in Venice.  I had only 3 days in Venice of which I spent 2 days at the Biennale.  I felt that 2 days were just enough to get an idea of the art on display.  I could have spent at least a week wandering between and looking at the pictures, sculptures and installations.

I did bring my camera but did not set out to take pictures of art on display.  I wanted to record the what happened in front of and how people interacted with / responded to the art.  I used a low shutter speed of 1/8 sec to record movement of people and/or art.

The area of the Biennale in Venice is massive and you have to keep moving if you want to see everything in 2 days, as I planned to.  This is what I saw.