Sculptured Rock at a Sydney Beach

Between Mona Vale and Warriewood there is a rock formation right on the beach.  It’s impressive how the sea has sculptured the rock.  Here are some images I took with my phone today.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

PS: In case you see snow flakes on our screen, don’t worry, even with all the Climate Change it doesn’t snow at Christmas in Australia.

After the fire

During this year’s holiday in Croatia we drove through the Pelješac area which experienced a major bush fire only mid July: Rampaging Fires Threaten Villages in Croatia &  Big Blaze Causes Havoc for Pelješac and Korčula.  It was an eerie feeling to drive for kilometres through this area.  More than 500 acres of forest were burned.

Near Pijavičino we stopped at a building ravaged by the bush fire as well as vandals.

After this experience it felt good to get back to ‘normality’.


Into the woods …

During our stay in Estonia mid year we visited Lahemaa National Park east of Tallinn.  It is the first and largest national park in Estonia established 1971.   Lahemaa is one of Europe’s most important forest conservation areas.  We spent a pleasant day exploring the park by bike.

The Australian Bush

Certain plants of the Australian Bush have learned to use the fire to regenerate.  The fire caused the seed pod of the banksia to open.  It does not take long for plants to recover and produce new growth.  These pictures were taken on the way to the West Head lookout in Sydney.