Seasons Greetings

The year started with being accepted as associate exhibitor at the HeadOn Festival 2014.   As this was my first solo exhibition the preparation created a bit of a headache.  I enjoyed the challenge.

I am indebted to Mary Meyer and Sandy Edwards for their support in putting the exhibition together, Prof Emer Des Crawley for his kind words at the opening and my son’s band, Catgut for the music.

Next I was invited to be part of the Photo Compendium Australia featuring 52 Australian photographers.  The book was released in November at an exhibition of the photographers images.

Two days after taking down my exhibition I was off to Europe.  Final destinations were Riga, Tallinn and Lahemaa National Park.  Vienna was the first stop, …

… followed by Prague, …

… Carlsbad, Weimar, Berlin and Hamburg.

A 24 hour boat trip took us to the Baltic where we spent most of 2 weeks travelling through Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania with friends.  It was a memorable trip of culture and scenery.

The final highlight of the year was our new grandchild.
What a great year. 

Thank you for following my blog during 2014.    See you in 2015.

On Reflection – Distorted Cities

I have long been fascinated by reflections; reflections of the urban landscape. Every day we walk past the reflections on buildings, on cars, on the water.  But do we taking notice?  Do we listen?  What are they telling us?  I find that reflections have a strong influence on my emotional response to the object.  How about you?

The reflection is one of the many faces cities present to us.  At times it provides a view of a city scape never to be repeated.  It provides a different, often distorted view.

An afternoon in the City of Sydney

I had 4 hours between events in the city; no point taking the train back home.  So I took my camera along and wandered aimlessly through the city.  Leaving the busy city centre I came to the botanical gardens.  I could not help merging the city ladies with the aerial root system of one of the larger specimens in the gardens. I also found this rather different view of the Sydney Opera House.

I walked between skyscrapers and looked at reflections.

One of Sydney’s regular visitors, the Carnival Spirit was anchored at Circular Quay between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

By now it was time to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the exhibition by Anish Kapoor;  Sky Mirror, Untitled, C-Curve.  For more information about Anish Karpoor visit Artsy’s Anish Kapoor page.

A panel discussion completed the day.  Sorry, I recorded only the feet of the musician.  On the way to the train station I took some parting shots of the city.

Good Night!


German Impressions – 2nd stop – Kassel – part 2

In my earlier blog about Kassel I said that 90% of the town was destroyed and had to be rebuilt.  You now find buildings from the 1950s side-by-side with building from the 19th century like the Elisabeth Hospital below.


The buildings below stand along Wilhelmshöher Allee which leads to the Wilhelmshöhe Castle.

_DSC2712 _DSC2711 _DSC2693 _DSC2695 _DSC2700 _DSC2718

The Orangerie, a palace built in 1710 as a summer residence for the landgraves



The ‘Kanzleigebäude’ below was built in the 16th century by Landgrave Wilhelm IV.



The above contrasts with the new buildings across the city

_DSC2530 _DSC2525 _DSC2714 _DSC2713 _DSC2565 _DSC2649

The Martinskirche – destroyed in 1943 and rebuilt 1954-60

_DSC2518     _DSC2515 _DSC2513

The Brüder Grimm Museum next to the New Gallery with two installations of the open air exhibition – ALLES UNTER DEM HIMMEL GEHÖRT ALLEN

_DSC2645 _DSC2646 _DSC2561


Lastly some more impressions of Kassel

_DSC2682      _DSC2521      _DSC2692






re: photo exhibition


A quick note to let you know that I will exhibiting some of my photography from Thursday Dec 13th until Christmas Eve at Frendz Gallery, 20 Moore Ave, West Lindfield NSW 2070.  I will be joining painters Rosemary Raiche and Kerry Thompson in Kerry’s Little Firefly (temporary) Gallery .

I will have 6 large framed prints as well as smaller matted prints and greeting cards for sale.  As I am sharing the gallery there will also be Kerry’s and Rosemary’s paintings and prints, a wide range of cards, tiles and fridge art for people on a budget who would like to take just a bit home with them or to share as gifts.

On Sunday, 16th Dec from 3 – 5 pm I’d love you to join Kerry, Rosemary and me, for drinks.


Gallery hours:
Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri: 10am – 5pm, Wednesday – closed,
Saturday: 9am – 4pm,
Sunday: 10am – 2pm.


breaking waves – 5

Magic windows

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Here is what I saw when I was looking into and through those windows.  The windows are on Cockatoo Island and the scenery either at Collaroy beach or the Swiss Alps.